Hinged or Sliding?

Hinged or Sliding?

Can't Make Up Your Mind?

If you're thinking about buying a wardrobe, you've probably wondered "damn, these wardrobes are all amazing but I don't know whether to buy a fancy sliding one or just a standard hinged one".

This honest guide will assist you making a fair & decisive judgement to put your mind at ease. We will compare both types of wardrobes so you don't have to.

  • prices
  • Functionality
  • bedroom size (include depth & height)
  • Overall


Bottom line is that sliding wardrobes cost more money that hinged wardrobes because of the complexity required when manufacturing these elegant wardrobes.

However, hinged wardrobes still provide the same quality and use as sliding wardrobes do.


Sliding Wardrobes:

  • Great for small spaces.
  • Not much space required in front of them.
  • Sliding wardrobes are aesthetically pleasing & offer a modern vibe to your bedroom.

Hinged Wardrobes:

  • Can be used by 2 people at a time, so if you have kids, or you share with a significant other, then hinged wardrobes would be the ideal option.
  • Easier to use.

Bedroom Size

If you have a small bedroom, then a sliding wardrobe is ideal because you won't need much space for the doors like you would with a standard hinged wardrobe. 

However, if you prefer the aesthetics of a hinged wardrobe, then make sure your bedroom has enough room before buying it.


Our final recommendation for you is to write down your reasons for buying a wardrobe & use the factors we have mentioned above to and other information available on the internet before making a buying decision. Nothing's worse than spending a huge amount of money online to end up not being satisfied with the wardrobe when i arrives at your doorstep!

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