Buying Online?

Buying Online?

Is online buying safe?

In this blog post we will talk about things to look out for when purchasing ANYTHING online. We've all been there when a dodgy retailer won't give a refund even though their terms and conditions says they will. It's tough to stomach that feeling and you start feeling betrayed, annoyed & even consider never shopping online again!

Well, we're here to provide a simple & easy to follow guide for you to use to ensure the retailer you are purchasing from is safe to purchase from. However, we do recommend you do further research using your own due diligence as every situation is different. Anyways: 

1. Do they offer a 14 day refund policy?

First things first, they must offer at least a 14-day refund policy to ensure they are offering a safe way for they customer to change their mind and get a refund without any reason whatsoever. 

If they do not offer this, stay well away from them.

2. Are they a trusted website?

The absolute basic way of checking for this is:

  • Is the URL secure? To do this, check the padlock symbol which is placed on the left to the URL. If you click on it, it should say if the connection is secure or not.
  • Call Them! Before buying, make sure to call them up so you know that the phone number is real and that there is customer support available when you need them.

3. Know your Rights:

Before complaining, you should know your rights so that you aren't caught off guard and maybe even not given the refund you deserve! At Wardrobe World, we cannot offer legal advice, but here is a website that will easily explain everything you need to know.


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