Which Wardrobe For Which Bedroom?

Which Wardrobe For Which Bedroom? 0

In this blog post we'll discuss something you should know before buying a wardrobe, which is what type of bedroom design complements your wardrobe.

Why Is This Important?

Well let's be honest here, imagine spending £200+ on a brand new luxury wardrobe from us & then not enjoying the look of it in your bedroom. Dreadful right? Well we'll help you avoid this painful process with this easy to follow blog post by helping you decide a general theme for your wardrobe purchase.

Dark Bedroom Ideas

If you have a dark or darker bedroom than usual, then we'd recommend you purchase a darker wardrobe to match the scenery of your bedroom. This is because if you were to buy a lighter coloured wardrobe, it would most likely ruin the "flow" of the scenery & make the room look worse.

Light Bedroom Ideas

Now, if you read the section above you might be thinking that for light bedrooms it would be the opposite. However, it is not! Both lighter wardrobe colours & darker wardrobe colours match perfectly with the scenery of a well lit bedroom. We'd recommend you go with a wardrobe you like, be it lighter or darker in colour, as long as you are happy with your choice.

For Small Bedrooms

For small bedrooms we would obviously recommend a small wardrobe. However, if you have the space then it's worth checking out our sliding wardrobes. Sliding wardrobes save a ton of space because the front section of the wardrobe doesn't need to be kept free at all times like a standard hinged wardrobe.


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Our Wardrobe Sets

Our Wardrobe Sets 0

Here at Wardrobe World we stock the highest quality wardrobe and chest of drawers sets available. Our solid wood wardrobes ensure you receive the highest quality bedroom storage available on the market.

Find your future 2 piece wardrobe set HERE.

Check out our most popular 2 piece oak bedroom sets HERE.


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Our Flat Packed Wardrobes

Our Flat Packed Wardrobes 0

Here at Wardrobe World we sell high quality flat packed bedroom storage items, such as wardrobes, chest of drawers & bedside tables.

If you're interested in buying a wardrobe, why not check out our huge variety of high quality wardrobes.

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Our New Loyalty Program

Our New Loyalty Program 0

Our New Loyalty Program:

Here at Wardrobe World we are proud to present our new & unique loyalty program!

No other furniture store in the UK specialises in bedroom storage, specifically wardrobes, as much as we do here at Wardrobe World. That is why we are writing this blog post to explain how our new loyalty program works:

It's this simple - 

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  2. Then get £20 OFF all of your next orders! (Applies to orders above £200). Check your emails to get the code after your first purchase. 
  3. If you forget the code or haven't received it, just email us and we will respond within 24 hours.
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